Zdjęcie: Bacterial growth and adaptation in microdroplet chemostats

Bacterial growth and adaptation in microdroplet chemostats

We describe herein microfluidic technology for manipulating and monitoring continuous growth of populations of bacteria. A system consisting of approximately ten input and output channels controls more than 100 microdroplet chemostats and enables the manipulation of chemical factors in each microchemostat independently over time. Herein, we characterize the dynamics of bacterial populations in microdroplet chemostats and cellular responses to a range of stable or changing antibiotic concentrations. This method allows for parallel, long-term studies of microbial ecology, physiology, evolution, and adaptation to chemical environments.

  • Autor: S. Jakiela, T. S. Kaminski, O. Cybulski, D. B. Weibel and P. Garstecki
  • Rok: 2013
  • Źródło: Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 52, 8908-8911
  • Plik: pobierz

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