Zdjęcie: Bifurcation of droplet flows within capillaries

Bifurcation of droplet flows within capillaries

Flows of droplets through networks of microchannels differ significantly from the flow of simple fluids. Our report focuses on the paths of individual droplets through the simplest possible network: a channel that splits into two arms that subsequently recombine. This simple system exhibits complex patterns of flow: both periodic and irregular, depending on the frequency at which the drops are fed into the "loop." A numerical model explains these results and shows regions of regular patterns separated by regions of high complexity. Our results elicit new questions regarding the dynamics of flow of discrete elements of fluids through networks, and point to potential opportunities and difficulties in the design of integrated mini-laboratories operating on droplets.

  • Autor: Jousse F, Farr R, Link DR, Fuerstman MJ, Garstecki P
  • Rok: 2006
  • Plik: pobierz

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