Zdjęcie: Combining microscience and neurobiology

Combining microscience and neurobiology

There is a wide range of literature on soft lithography, organic surface science (especially self-assembled monolayers of organic thiols adsorbed on gold) and microfluidics. These areas have developed in the fields of physical and surface chemistry, materials science and condensed matter physics, but they offer broad new capabilities in the development of relevant micro-and nanosystems to users in biology in general, and in cell biology in particular. The ability to integrate these techniques for fabricating materials and for controlling the chemistry of surfaces with electrical and electrochemical measurements should be especially relevant in neurobiology. The major impediment to the development of a field of 'microfabrication and measurement' in neuroscience is the absence of effective collaborative interactions between the communities of fabricators and neurobiologists.

  • Autor: Weibel, DB; Garstecki, P; Whitesides, GM
  • Rok: 2005
  • Plik: pobierz

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