Zdjęcie: Dodecylresorufin (C12R) outperforms resorufin in micro-droplet bacterial assays

Dodecylresorufin (C12R) outperforms resorufin in micro-droplet bacterial assays

This paper proves that dodecylresorufin (C12R) outperforms resorufin (the conventional form of this dye) in droplet microfluidic bacterial assays. Resorufin is a marker dye that is widely used in different fields of microbiology and has increasingly been applied in droplet microfluidic assays and experiments. The main concern associated with resorufin in droplet-based systems is dye leakage into the oil phase and neighboring droplets. The leakage decreases the performance of assays because it causes averaging of the signal between the positive (bacteria-containing) and negative (empty) droplets. Here we show that C12R is a promising alternative to conventional resorufin because it maintains higher sensitivity, specificity, and signal-to-noise ratio over time. These characteristics make C12R a suitable reagent for droplet digital assays and for monitoring of microbial growth in droplets.

  • Autor: O. Scheler, T.S. Kaminski, A. Ruszczak and P. Garstecki
  • Rok: 2016
  • Źródło: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8, 11318-11325
  • Plik: pobierz

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