Zdjęcie: Droplet microfluidic technique for studies of fermentation

Droplet microfluidic technique for studies of fermentation

We demonstrate a technique that uses microdroplets for culturing and selecting bacterial cultures in a model biotechnological application. We propose an assay for determination of ethanol concentration that provides increased dynamic range and is compatible with droplet microfluidic screening technologies. The assay comprises two enzymes—alcohol oxidase (AOX) and horseradish peroxidase (HRP)—and a colorimetric readout system of phenol-4-sulfonic acid (PSA) and 4-aminoantipyrine (4-AAP). The microdroplet method provides high repeatability (a relative error of measured ethanol concentration < 5%), high specificity for ethanol, low consumption of reagents and wide dynamic range (1–70 g·L-1) compared to existing assays. We report the use of this method in a screen of ethanol generation efficiency of Zymomonas mobilis (strain 3881) against the concentration of glucose in the culture media.

  • Autor: K. Churski, A. Ruszczak, S. Jakiela, P. Garstecki
  • Rok: 2015
  • Źródło: Micromachines, 6, 1514-1525
  • Plik: pobierz

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