dr Ladislav Derzsi

In my research I focus on droplet microfluidics systems and Lab-on-Chip devices (both basic and applied science), with particular interest of:
• Passive microfluidic systems, where my aim is to construct various autonomous devices for droplet generation and complex operations, and ultimately for point-of-care (POC) applications.
• Antibiotic susceptibility testing (ATS) using droplet microfluidics.
• Non-Newtonian liquids and complex fluids including polymeric liquids (shear thinning, shear thickening), emulsions, soft glassy materials, etc. with the aim to understand hydrodynamics of complex fluids on the microscale.
• Design and fabrication of microfluidic devices in wide range of substrates (hard polymers, PDMS, NOA, hybrids, etc.) and with various techniques (primarily multilayer photolithography).
• Surface chemistry, surface modification techniques.

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