Emulsions and materials


We are interested in droplets as building blocks to construct multiple droplets and materials templated on emulsions. Automated systems offer exquisite control over the process of formation of sequences of droplets of prescribed volumes and chemical composition. This control, combined with the understanding of interfacial phenomena can be used to rationally design new architectures of multiple droplets and to generate emulsions of custom tailored properties. These can be used in e.g. encapsulation of active substances and in control of the rate of their release over time. We are also interested in the use of the liquid-liquid architectures in studies of membrane processes - interfacial transfer, reactions at interfaces and transport through membrane proteins. Finally, the custom tailored emulsions can be used as templates for generation of highly regular porous materials for e.g. tissue cultures.

Published 2013-10-28, 8:48

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