New Grant from National Science Centre


Our colleague MSc Adam Opalski has received the PRELUDIUM 12 grant from the National Science Centre. Our sincere congratulations!

This project aims at developing and using a  novel method of production of monodisperse double emulsion droplets in microfluidic devices. A process of formation of the droplet containing inner droplet when pushed into a reservoir filled with immiscible fluid will be investigated and a mechanism of the formation will be proposed. Developed method will find use in e.g. screening of the membrane proteins interacting with the artificial droplet interface bilayers.

The obtained results will significantly increase state of the art on the fluid mechanics and the formation of the multiple emulsions. They will also provide basis for effective designing experiments (physical, chemical and biological) that utilize multiple droplets.

Abstract of the research proposal:

Published 2017-05-17, 16:47

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