New Grant from National Science Centre


Dr Karol Makuch has received the SONATA 11 grant from the National Science Centre. Our sincere congratulations !!!

This project goes along scientific research of which the goal is to answer the following question: what is the relation between structure of complex liquid on micro scale – where multi­atomic particles forming the liquid can be seen – with observable flow properties and diffusion of immersed in complex liquid particles. 

Theoretical investigations and experiments will be performed by the principal investigator, whereas numerical simulations by Dr. Gustavo Coelho Abade, who is an expert in the field of numerical simulations of suspensions. International collaboration within the project will involve Prof. John Brady from California Institute of Technology in USA. The results will significantly improve understanding of flow and transport in living cells and deliver basis for understanding of the relation between microstructure of particles forming complex liquid with its observable properties and viscosity ­ which is of great importance in production of many substances, including cosmetics and food products.

Abstract of the research proposal:

Published 2016-12-28, 23:06

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